Sunday, November 4, 2007

Some days are diamonds, and this was a pretty good one. Unfortunately, that was only true professionally... my studio is in a truly unusable condition while I install about 10' of shelves. Since there isn.t really any room to take things away to, it is all piled on top of, and beneath my cutting table. Mt Everest has nothing on me! Now if I can talk my daughter into taking photos of that with her snazzy camera, I could probably make the Guinness Book!

There is so much going on in the world that is sad or scary or depressing, it seems every day a new madness has been detailed. Today, Pakistan. Tomorrow, who knows. The world is trying to implode it seems. Maybe that's why I need to be creative, and when I can't, the craziness gets under my skin. Not that creating solves anything, just that it distracts me and lets me see the beauty that, regardless of all we do, surrounds us. There is more beauty than ugly, but the beauty isn't news, only the ugly. Sigh. Got to get that room back together, for my sanity's sake!

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