Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pennsic 37

Well I am back! I have had a wonderful time, the best in 4 or 5 years. I will put up a few picks for a few days, while I get resettled home, and can get back to making a little art. I am excited about the stuff I learned there, the biggest 2 are applique and wire weaving. The applique is not the needleturned contemporary style, or even the raw edged type, but the way applique was done 500 - 1000 yrs ago! A little glue (probably hide type) on the edges, and tiny little straight stitches around the perimetre and then 2 rounds of couching. I am working on a sampler, then will make a small bag, and then a nice big pennant for my tent... eehah!

The weather was good, mostly in the low 80s and nights in the 50s. Good sleeping weather. There was rain, only a couple of storms, a little high wind fun, but not much until my packout, then my sunshade flew through the air and broke its back. Drat. Oh well. So these are my campsite, the big white tent is mine, a saxon geteld, the pics of the inside are mine too. Comfy, eh? The Saxons would have made theirs of wool, mine is brushed twill. I made it 3 years ago, and love it. I didn't put anything on it to waterproof it, the fibers swell in the rain and there is no leakage UNLESS something touches it. Like a wrinkle. Over my bed. At 0230 in the blackness. Drat. Oh well, just an irritant, all better. Gosh some of the calligraphy and illumination was amazing. I only took one pic, but it was amazing. The battles were fun too, I will put up those pics on another day, but they were fun. Can't wait til next year. And Twelfth Night is close enough to go to, first time in several years.


Eileen said...

Wow Kim, it looks like you had a great time. I can't wait to see your bag that you will be making.


Christy said...

Everything sounds like a you had a fab time. I too can't wait to see this stitching. Love reading about the stories of past events and can not really imagine 14,000 people all camping and reenacting and in middle ages clothing. How amazing that must be. And every time I read about your beetle experience it gives me a phantom ear ache. That must have been so yucky and awful!

Carol said...

That looks as though you had the best time and in such luxury. Wonderful to have the wealth of the middle ages experience without the misery. I'm just amazed at the numbers of people attending, and to be offered over 1000 classes - how to choose? So pleased it was such a success for you.

~*~Patty said...

Welcome home Pennsic Traveler! Your camp looks splendid! Wire weaving and ancient applique certainly sound intriguing!!!

Sharon said...

Glad you had a great time hanging out in the middle ages! I'm glad you are back... we missed you in our group. That appliqué looks very intriguing.