Tuesday, September 9, 2008

After the wild rain...

Well, Hannah came roaring up the Eastern Seaboard and dumped a whole lot of rain on us, and some wild winds blew up a blustery Saturday, but mostly it was a non-event around here. Great! I think we must be about caught up on rainfall too. I hope the leaves can be more colorful now, though alot of them are already brown and sere. In fact the little tree in front of my house has lost almost half its leaves already. Most seem okay though.

Well, wind and rain not withstanding, it was Angela's birthday Saturday, and I was not the only one who ventured out to wish her a happy birthday and take advantage of the coupon sale she was having. By the time I got there, about 1100, her wall was full of handstamped cards, and the shop was packed tightly with others. In fact I had to walk a block to find a parking spot! I came away with a Big Bite Cropadile and stamps. Eehaa!

I have also been working on the caravan for my Yahoo group's Capolan caravan swap, and I think I am about done. Anyway, here is a representative piece. The base is Timtex, and I have layered fabric onto Lutradur, then on to the base. The photo in the wagon is on matte photo paper, and so are the girl and the cards. I wanted the wagon to represent the immense world in our imagination, waiting for us to dive in. In the context of Capolan, the whole nomadic lifestyle of the tribe represents that wanderlust , that opportunity to go where your mind takes you.

Art is my caravan, my passage to my dreams, what about you?

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