Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Creative Weekend

Not only did I get to make stuff this weekend, I got to teach a class in surface design, and saw alot of "AHA" moments. Not much better than that! So here is what I did... the big piece is a 3+ yd piece of silk crepe on which I used Setacolor. It was a salmony pink to begin with, and I added magenta, violet and ultramarine to the mix. A little salt, and I will batch it for a couple days and then dry it. The small pieces are already dry and heatset. I also did some beading, but as they were to hold my glasses at work I didn't remember to get a pic first. This week is journal making time, and this coming weekend, oh joy, is Montpelior Sheep Dog trials! Working woolies! Then it is back to making journals and jewelry and whatever I get excited about. Now, if I can just not get so tired after work, it would be easier.


Alexandra Knittel said...

Wonderful fabric!!

Pixie said...


Your fabric is lovely. I want to try this but just haven't mustered up the courage for it! Well done!

Linda East said...

Oh Wow Kim, these fabrics are totally awesome...I know you can hardly wait to "paint" one of your collages with these...They are just the colors.