Saturday, September 20, 2008

This weekend

I got to spend a wonderful day with my dh, something I haven't done in a while, too long a while. We went to the Museum of the US Marine Corps. It was terrific! They cover at least in a perfunctory way, the complete history, from Tripoli to now. There are plans for more in depth displays on several subjects, and they have a building fund to that purpose, but it really is good right now too. I have put up some pics. The wall with all the Marine insignia has one Eagle Globe and Anchor (and a few Navy Eagle and Anchors) for everyone killed at Iwo Jima. Mindboggling. The flag pic is the actual flag (2nd) raised there, seen through the famous photo. Say an extra prayer for all our men and women who serve us so valiantly, often far from home and loved ones. All give some, some give all.
Last weekend I went to an SCA event, and it was 98 degrees. I sat in the shade drenched, and then had a terrific supper, got rained on (cooled off!) and dragged home, tired but happy. I have put a couple pics from that up too. Cheers!

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