Friday, October 24, 2008

Mmmm, Fiber!

So the power outage in my studio had one good result... I spun up one of the fleeces I got at Montpelier. A beautiful chestnut cria hogget, it spun like a dream, just an easy singles, spun a little tightly to ply. It is about 1000 yds per pound, and about 10-12 tpi on average. I have found a beautiful wimple pattern, and may have enough left to make fingerless gloves.

Today I spent several hours at G Street working on the needlefelting attachment. I did a sampler, and a landscape. Gee, the back of the landscape is beautiful! Bernina's attachment fits on any of the newer machines, it simply has to have a wire thread guide, the metal hook kind doesn't let it attach well. It works like a champ, much easier than the very lightweight felting machine I tried at a friends house, I can't remember the brand, but it was a whole machine that cost roughly the same as the attachment for Bernina. Having a heavyweight, mostly steel interior really makes the Bernina easier to use. I haven't tried them all, but will write my opinions as I do. I am so strongly pro Bernina, I won't ever buy another brand, unless it is an antique. The DC motor powers through everything. Okay, no more free ads for Bernina, but I do love them.
The sampler and landscape both have a variety of fabrics on a felt background. I used silk, nylon, cotton, poly taffeta and organza. Even a tissue lame! I could learn to love this!
Since I now have power in my studio ( a short in the light fixture in the hall), it is time to take the tower of stuff off my cutting table and reorganize my studio. Again.
In other news, my Marine son is currently living in a villa (very small) in Clark Airfield PI, manning the satellites in pursuit of bad guys. You go, Josh! Meghan is slogging along in retail, persisting in paying off her debts and hoping to go to design school when she is flush. More power to you Meg, you make me proud!

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