Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, new ideas

What a strange Christmas it has been. I had migraines before, the flu (yes I had my flu shot) for a week right at Christmas, and migraines after. Maybe I am done now. These were done as gifts, so I finished them during that weird period. The purse and cat are made from the same sweater, the cat is going to a cutie little boy about 18 months old. I got the new Somerset mag on soft toys (Stuffies? Softies? Drat, can't remember) and had this kitty rattling around for days in my head. I think he won't be the last I do! I haven't made things like this before, so I am still discovering how to do them. Of course the first consideration for Ze'ev's toy was safety...but aside from that, do I want it bottom weighted? Standable? I don't think so. I think the safety aspect outweighs the asthetics in this. The purse was for a friend... hope she likes it. It is fun to do stuff like these, the felt is so easy to work with and the patterns are simple and cleancut, they are just a joy.


Kim said...

Those are beautiful, Kim and I'm sure both will be recieved with much pleasure:) I especially love the bag.

Kim x

mary schweitzer said...

Oh I feel for you. I spent the time right after Xmas bouncing back and forth between a cold and the flu. Still don't feel 100%. Darn winter!
Love you felties. Did you do felting or is it felt like you buy in the store?