Sunday, March 14, 2010

You Wouldn't Think...

That I would be particularly happy about the rain, but really, I am. Well, maybe not this much rain. But if this had been snow, it would have been 17 inches! So yes, rain seems pretty good about now. We did have some lovely weather last week, but as in January, it was just a tease, I know. That is okay, I will enjoy it all the same. While the Farmer's Almanac is still predicting another snowfall in March, I am hoping for none. The rest of this week looks to be in the 50's and 60's, and sunny by week's end too. After that, it's anyone's guess.
I spent this weekend on samples for new classes. I only got one done... stopped one midway through, hated it. That is always so disconcerting, it takes time to regroup afterwards, I can't just move on to the next idea. I do like this one though, so that is okay. I will make a series of these cuffs, and do one each quarter. I have been asked for more project based classes, and may let my surface design series rest a year.
I am almost done with the last Laurie King novel in the Mary Russel series, The Language of Bees, before her newest comes out. This one is as good as the rest, and I shall reread the first to refresh my memory. Fitting series for someone with a steampunk deck upcoming.

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Sharon said...

My daughter is totally into Steampunk. I went thrift store shopping with her and a friend. They are so inventive. Looks like we've got the same weather as you - for once.