Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Pumped

Tomorrow I go to the National Zoo to meet with a lot of Molly the Owl friends! So I have been making a couple things to go with... as it turns out, one is not going to be necessary, I made a bag to carry water in, but decided on a larger container and so will carry a larger bag and will just use one I have already. That's okay, that other will come in handy at Maryland Sheep and Wool or another place. But I decided I needed to have a little owl to carry around and take pictures of as we go around together to tour DC (some are coming from as far away as Boston) and this is the result. Molly and McGee Barn Owl had four little owlets: Max, Pattison, Austin, and Wesley, and this is Wesley! She is about four months old, and cute as a button, I think, though turning quite beautiful as she matures. Max is a female too, and Austin is a male. Pattison, we think, is a male too, though there was some discussion about that. Plummage is the only key, and at this age, it can be a little iffy sometimes. When they were named, no one could tell, so boy names were chosen. Anyway, little Wes will have her photo taken at the Zoo, and where ever else we go to record the experience. I will post when I get back!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So after not making anything for a long time, I got to make several things this past week... and it really felt good. One of them was this cute little teddybear. Way back when Grown Man was Small Boy, I made a faceless teddy with no pattern out of plain fabric and stuffed it rock hard. Not a favorite toy, but I always knew it had potential. I found it and took it apart and remade it from a soft old felted sweater and then stuffed it softly and sewed a minimal face on him... I think he needs a smile. I will fix that this weekend. I like this so much better... squeezable, huggable, soft, and yummy. At least I think so! I will post on the rest of the things I made later.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Quietly Coming Back

You know it really was a long three week illness. I am much much better, and have been back at work a week, but I still tire easily, and still can't hear well out of one ear. I saw (yet another) doc today re the ear, and got yet more meds, but the good news is that it really is only inconvenient and not a danger to permanent hearing loss. Whew. BUT WHAT A PAIN IN THE NECK. Ear. Whatever.
I have done a bit of stitching, and a bit of spinning, but not much. I am really just hanging out. A different feeling, that, since I seldom do nothing. I just feel the need to not rush things. Yet I do need to get things done for October, so I can't lollygag around, but I think I may have learned that a few days well taken may save many days later on. If I hadn't tried to keep on going to work, doing the regular, could this have been a one week virus? Sigh. The cats are my constant companions, and give good scratches... oh wait, that's me scratching them! Hedonists! But then they are cats, so that is to be expected.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back Among the Living

Well, I appear to have survived, though for a while there I wasn't altogether certain I wanted to! I am still taking it very easy, I made it through two days at work last week, and did a little shopping Friday, but whether it was the heat or the walking or whatever, I found myself very dizzy and faint feeling, and rushed back home and ate a bite and napped. I took it easy the rest of the day. Saturday I made it to the Quilt Show for a couple hours, and left BEFORE I got too tired. The air was cool, so I do think that was an issue Friday. I bought a pattern and cd from a company that sells animal patterns of wonderful quality. I have a couple others of theirs. This is a sheep pattern I plan on doing all in wools on a wool background for a winter's night! I am not sure if I will do it as a crazy pattern or on a woven background, I am still thinking. But I like it. I must say, though, I had hoped to feel better by now. I still feel pretty rocky this morning. Still don't have much of an appetite either. And my ear is really annoying, not clearing up at all. It is crackling, but still very clogged. Maybe I will give it till Thursday.