Sunday, June 6, 2010

Back Among the Living

Well, I appear to have survived, though for a while there I wasn't altogether certain I wanted to! I am still taking it very easy, I made it through two days at work last week, and did a little shopping Friday, but whether it was the heat or the walking or whatever, I found myself very dizzy and faint feeling, and rushed back home and ate a bite and napped. I took it easy the rest of the day. Saturday I made it to the Quilt Show for a couple hours, and left BEFORE I got too tired. The air was cool, so I do think that was an issue Friday. I bought a pattern and cd from a company that sells animal patterns of wonderful quality. I have a couple others of theirs. This is a sheep pattern I plan on doing all in wools on a wool background for a winter's night! I am not sure if I will do it as a crazy pattern or on a woven background, I am still thinking. But I like it. I must say, though, I had hoped to feel better by now. I still feel pretty rocky this morning. Still don't have much of an appetite either. And my ear is really annoying, not clearing up at all. It is crackling, but still very clogged. Maybe I will give it till Thursday.


Art4Sol said...

Sorry to hear you're a bit under the weather, but thank you for mentioning this most interesting site. I will look further into it.
Take it slow and easy,

Sharon said...

You caught one very nasty bug. You make me realize just how vulnerable we are to one single mal-placed germ. Feel better soon!!

Yarrow said...

Don't rush to be back to normal too soon, you obviously still need lots of rest. Take care hun.x

Morning's Minion said...

I followed the link to the pattern site--I could be tempted by the several cat patterns.
I haven't had the courage to tackle machine applique--my few projects have been by hand.