Monday, October 25, 2010

St Crispin's Day

Happy St Crispin's Day! Would that we thought like this today! Shakespeare was indeed a master of words, was he not?

Monday, October 18, 2010

First Craft Show Ever....

Well it was an interesting time for a first craft show! I certainly learned alot, but there are alot of questions too. Like, where were all the people? The exhibitors around me were all asking the same questions, and wondering if they would be back next year. Weather was good for the public, though very windy. We had to hang onto tents sometimes, especially the jewelry exhibit next to me. Perhaps it was the gargantuan rummage sale down the road at the hospital in Leesburg, we just don't know. Last week's show a few miles away was down about 5 % and the one 3 weeks ago same distance away was up about the same, this one down more than 100% for the exhibitors I spoke to, all of whom had been there many years. Well, I made costs plus some, so I am okay, but it was alot of work and a long day for no profit. Sigh, well, next month is another show, and it is supposed to be really terrific. A real doorbanger.
The two blondes are my friend Lynette and her granddaughter Rachel who came along to help and sell her beautiful embroideries. Rachel made lovely bracelets too! At least I had a great time hanging with Lynette all day, she is a dear friend and talented enough for two! And when my things blew over in the wind, it wasn't the disaster the dozens of tiny earrings were next to me! Like I said, I sure learned alot! But I sure hate posed pictures!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Day Before.....

Today is a little chaotic..... I have my list of things to do, and it is certainly doable, but I still feel somewhat disarticulated. Disassociated. Maybe even disassembled. I will come together I am sure, but it is disquieting nonetheless.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost Ready

The big day is almost here.... Saturday is my first ever craft show, in Aldie Virginia. Come on out, should be great weather and a fun time! A friend of mine, Lynette, is selling some of her fabulous primitive embroidered quilted wallhangings, and I will have the stuffies I have been working on and some brooches too. Aldie Day simply must dawn bright and clear!