Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't Know Why

But I couldn't attach the photo to the previous post.... so here it is.

Who me?

Is this not the very face of innocence? What doesn't show is that mere moments before this there were terrible sounds issuing from the room, portending wounds and maiming of some kind. As I climbed the stairs to investigate, one cat raced down them at full speed, taking great leaps down several steps at a time. When I stuck my head into the bedroom, there was Trouble, reclining on the carpet, lounging at ease, and looking perfectly calm and without either guile or rancor. Hmph.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Skills, New Stuff

So Meg needs all new clothes for Pennsic this year, and I thought I woiuld try out my embroidery machine on a couple shirts.... only my computer crapped out on me and I ended up on a Bernina 830.... oh my gosh, it is really fantastic. Anyway, many hours later, and two embroidery techniques and several software skills later, I have three shirt's necklines embroidered. I made a shirt, Meg tried it on and it is good to go, so now I will make the embroidered ones. I am feeling only a little anxious...35 days left to get ready, but only 4 weekends left I can actually sew on. Well, what happens, happens. It will be nice to have Meg along, I enjoy my alone time (as I am sure she will too) but a little company will be nice too. I will do more cooking this year since I don't want to spend as much money.... so planning the menu will come into it too. Planning is a challenge for me!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Murder on Maui


So off we went to the National Marine Corps Museum for an evening of murder and mayhem.... and other fun!

We were supposed to wear Hawaiian outfits, so I found some terrific fabric at work that had hawaiian shirts printed on it, in aqua and coral, and got enough of them to make a shirt for Chaps and a muumuu for me. A generous friend let me borrow the yoyo and maile leis, and my daughter furnished the purple one... we were well outfitted! The dinner was great (Hamlet the pig tasted very good) and the entertainment was terrific. All in all a most successful evening! Gotta do this again!