Friday, November 23, 2012


I wasn't at all sure about this collection of fabrics when it came in... it is Berenstein Bears, mostly, and in colors I don't often work with.  I am also not a traditional quilter, so this isn't my style, either.  None the less, I am pretty darn happy with how it looks, and hope the recipient will be too.  One of my friends had her first grandbaby, a boy, last December.  I wanted to do a quilt, but I am the queen of procrastination, and very unsure of my quilting skills, and didn't at all like the first quilt I began.  So, time passed.  I was determined not to let Nick turn one year old without the quilt being presented.  Tada!  Finished!  I even learned how to do a double binding with an easy join as a bonus.... all in all, a good project. 

 Oh, and Thanksgiving was a complete success, though a bit on the quiet side.  This is the first time Gil and I have had Thanksgiving alone since 1982, when 14" of snow fell in Kitsap County Washington, literally bringing that whole section of the state to an abrupt halt.  No power for 4 days, including Thanksgiving, but we soldiered on.  We had a woodstove insert with just enough room on top to cook the side dishes, and a tiny weber grill that I used to grill the turkey and taters.  We ate by candlelight, and watched the stars shine on the blue tinged snow, and listened to the foxes bark.  Yes, I know foxes are not native to western Washington, but a few escaped the zoo years before, and bred a little colony.  I hope they are still there.  Late that night, the hooting of an owl put me to sleep, and I have loved owls ever since.  Stars, and foxes, and owls.  A magical combination. 

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Yarrow said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Kim. Your quilt is beautiful and perfect for a wee baby boy :D
Your past Thanksgiving sounds so magical. I hope you have many blessings in your world.x