Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow! There is Snow!

It is pretty.... though it was alot prettier at 0700 before I started to shovel it.  And before the sleet started to beat it down from light and fluffy to soggy heavy mushy snow.  But, still and all, I do like snow.  Really I do. 

It does mean Quilt Club is cancelled though, and I don't like that.  I did finally finish Sunbonnet Sue and her adventures, so, am disappointed not to be sharing that with my fellow quilter peeps.  The only photo I have isn't very good, so I will wait til I get a better one to share it. 

Stay safe and warm out there everyone!  Hot tea and cookies, that's the ticket!


Yarrow said...

Wow, you have so much snow! We would have preferred some of the white stuff instead of the torrential rain!!! You live in such a pretty place too :D

(I love your quilts :D )

Hope you're well, hugs

Kim Gibson said...

All well and good! We are supposed to get first rain, then freezing rain, then 5 more inches of snow tonight! A high of 52 today, and not out of the 20s the rest of the week. Just gotta love it... a whole range of weather in 36 hours!