Thursday, October 20, 2016

An Exciting Day in the Life of a Quilter

 Today a goodly number of the artists who made quilts celebrating the 150th anniversary of the National Park Service met at the Library of Congress for a tour and reception with a showing of the book in the Science Reading Room at the Library.  My oh my, what a thrill!

Back in the dark ages, when I was in graduate school, I used to use the Library for my research.  It was a far different place then, and yet has not changed at all.  The look is very much the same, but the procedures have definitely changed.  Much more security and movement control, you now need a special permit to use the main reading room.  They have preserved the historical structure though, and it is indeed lovely.  We haven't built anything like this since the 1930's.  The Jefferson Building was built in 1897, the Adams in 1938.  The Madison addition in 1974.  One of the highlights was a talk by Constance Carter, who recently retired after 50 years of service in the Library.  What a character, and what marvelous knowledge and life experience.  I can't wait until she publishes her life story!

Today brought back memories galore and brand new thrills..... a banner day, to be sure!

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