Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Art Every Day

Do you readers out there make time everyday for creativity? I have time and again said that I will, even if just for a few minutes, make something creative every day. Time and time again, I find I can't think of something to do that won't take "too much time".Do any of you have suggestions? Except for cards... I have made lots of those! Some are on my wall for inspiration, but most languish in a box awaiting a recipient.

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Kim said...

Hi Kim. I've just started making some little miniature pin cushions, and they are sooo quick and easy to make, that I take them in the car to do whilst waiting to pick up the children. You need to start saving the tops from bottles; either cola or bottled water are the best sizes. You also need assorted felt pieces and embroidery thread. I'll post some pictures on my blog later. :)