Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Many Blessings

May you and yours be richly blessed this holy day and always. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Today was enough to make the greatest lover of Christmas reconsider. Why is it that when some people shop, normal ordinary people, they turn into the worst discourteous rude and obnoxious folk ever? If I don't shop again for a year, that's okay with me. No, wait, that means I would be out again before Christmas. I don't care what happens, no matter the disaster in handmaking, no matter that the book didn't come, no matter, no matter, I am NOT shopping for gifts in December again. There, I have had my rant. I feel better now.

So the rest of Christmas decorations got up okay, even though last night was spent in an ER with a truly colorful bladder infection. Yuch. All better today, thank goodness. I can't wait until the cats get a little saner, and we can go to a full size real tree again. They are going to get saner, right? I mean they are only three...

Yesterday someone down the street tossed out a perfectly good side table, just a small one, perfect for behind the loveseat. I actually had to flag down the trash truck and get them to unload it again! I am afraid my son was a bit embarrased about the whole thing. He with a cast on his thumb, and me with my bad foot must have been a sight. It is now the cleanest table in the town! On it are my two big indoor plants and the little Christmas tree. Perfect!

I have to work Sunday and Monday, but there's still stuff to be made, so it's down to the studio (such as it is) to do elfly duty...

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Yippee! I finally got the new camera to disgorge its pictures! So without further ado, here is my creche a (and a few little vinettes). Tomorrow, the Singing Animals!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some frustration

Well, I can't get my new camera to give up its photos of my decorations, so I still don't have any to show...drat. But the house is beginning to look a bit like Christmas... I sense a song there! The creche is up, from the stable to the wise men's tent, the village in between, it looks lovely. Funny how a few simple statues elicit such strong feelings of joy and wonder. The Christmas singing animals are out too, and they go through their concert whenever I pass by. The Jingle Pig was first, the Jingle Reindeer the last, and I never thought there could be so many! I plan on taking one to work on Christmas eve. I work in a huge fabric shop (sheer heaven to be around all that fabric) and I don't think the staff will mind a few quiet songs, eh?

I hope the season's joy and awe is wrapping you in warmth and love.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Christmas brings great joy and love into my life, and I truly love the season, both for the family connections and for the awesome gift of God come down to earth for me and all sinners. Thank you God! I have barely begun to decorate, it has been busy here, and I had a whallop of a migraine, but tonight and tommorrow, I will decorate up a storm! Until then, let the lights of Christmas remind you of the love of God.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Compliments of the Season

Well it is winter in northern VA, cold and wet. The pretty snow of a few days ago is but a memory now, and there will be three more days of cold and wet. My daughter is wishing she was back in San Diego, where the days are predictably warm and sunny. But then they have just had 6 inches of rain, so even the predictable isn't. As Christmas draws closer I look forward to seeing my son too. The holidays can get so harried and rushed, I want to just slow down and enjoy the advent, the anticipation. Remember to breathe and slow down, and do a little art. And if it were to snow a little, that would be okay too.

(We are sorry You have to come because of our sins...)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome, oh Welcome!

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Tempus Fugit

I was looking through my photos for one of my son, and it suddenly struck me, how quickly time has flown by. "Flown" doesn't do it justice. Baby photos were next to Bootcamp Graduation. When they are bitty babies, they look so angelic. They are not, of course, but I think God makes them look that way so that when they drive us bonkers, we won't throttle them. Now my Son is a Marine, preparing to go to Iraq. I am so proud of him.

My daughter too is all grown up, working towards a career in fashion of some kind, and I am proud of her maturity too. I am so blessed. In this season it is good to look both backwards and forwards. Of all Gods gifts to us here on earth, my family is my most precious.
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

At the start of the snow

This was the beginning of a beautiful snow. This is my even more beautiful daughter Meghan. The picture was taken by her handsome brother. All in all, a good day!

After the snow

When I got up this morning, there was a perfect postcard view of 4" of snow out of my back door. I was running behind, and said I would take photos at work, but didn't. Then about 5pm one of my coworkers gasped and pointed out the door, and the sunset was a blaze of pinks and oranges and blue. I grabbed my camera and shot out the door and took several exposures. Some didn't turn out at all, but this one at least catches some of the glory of that sunset. I took my breath away! I hope I can catch some of that color and get it onto paper or fabric. I can't wait to try. Well, only until tomorrow, anyway.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I spent ten years in the Navy, too many years ago to admit. I enjoyed my time in, but was glad to leave when I did. Once in a while though, I get a little nostalgic about the sea, upon whose breast I spent as much time as possible. Then I play sea chanties and watch movies or look at pictures and exchange sea stories with my husband. He spent over 30 years in, and has many more stories than I do, but I do have a few that could surprise (or shock) a listener. A few weeks ago, I was in a sea mood, and decided to try to create something to evoke a nostalgic and romantic mood. Now don't get me wrong, the sea isn't all romance, there is alot of slogging through storms and getting hot and dirty, but we sailors don't want to think of those times. We want to remember the good times, to laugh with our buddies and start anouther sea story which begins with "this really happened, no s***"! So this is a romantic reminder of those adventurous, exciting and fondly remembered nights on the sea. Enjoy!