Saturday, December 22, 2007


Today was enough to make the greatest lover of Christmas reconsider. Why is it that when some people shop, normal ordinary people, they turn into the worst discourteous rude and obnoxious folk ever? If I don't shop again for a year, that's okay with me. No, wait, that means I would be out again before Christmas. I don't care what happens, no matter the disaster in handmaking, no matter that the book didn't come, no matter, no matter, I am NOT shopping for gifts in December again. There, I have had my rant. I feel better now.

So the rest of Christmas decorations got up okay, even though last night was spent in an ER with a truly colorful bladder infection. Yuch. All better today, thank goodness. I can't wait until the cats get a little saner, and we can go to a full size real tree again. They are going to get saner, right? I mean they are only three...

Yesterday someone down the street tossed out a perfectly good side table, just a small one, perfect for behind the loveseat. I actually had to flag down the trash truck and get them to unload it again! I am afraid my son was a bit embarrased about the whole thing. He with a cast on his thumb, and me with my bad foot must have been a sight. It is now the cleanest table in the town! On it are my two big indoor plants and the little Christmas tree. Perfect!

I have to work Sunday and Monday, but there's still stuff to be made, so it's down to the studio (such as it is) to do elfly duty...

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