Saturday, December 1, 2007


I spent ten years in the Navy, too many years ago to admit. I enjoyed my time in, but was glad to leave when I did. Once in a while though, I get a little nostalgic about the sea, upon whose breast I spent as much time as possible. Then I play sea chanties and watch movies or look at pictures and exchange sea stories with my husband. He spent over 30 years in, and has many more stories than I do, but I do have a few that could surprise (or shock) a listener. A few weeks ago, I was in a sea mood, and decided to try to create something to evoke a nostalgic and romantic mood. Now don't get me wrong, the sea isn't all romance, there is alot of slogging through storms and getting hot and dirty, but we sailors don't want to think of those times. We want to remember the good times, to laugh with our buddies and start anouther sea story which begins with "this really happened, no s***"! So this is a romantic reminder of those adventurous, exciting and fondly remembered nights on the sea. Enjoy!

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