Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some frustration

Well, I can't get my new camera to give up its photos of my decorations, so I still don't have any to show...drat. But the house is beginning to look a bit like Christmas... I sense a song there! The creche is up, from the stable to the wise men's tent, the village in between, it looks lovely. Funny how a few simple statues elicit such strong feelings of joy and wonder. The Christmas singing animals are out too, and they go through their concert whenever I pass by. The Jingle Pig was first, the Jingle Reindeer the last, and I never thought there could be so many! I plan on taking one to work on Christmas eve. I work in a huge fabric shop (sheer heaven to be around all that fabric) and I don't think the staff will mind a few quiet songs, eh?

I hope the season's joy and awe is wrapping you in warmth and love.

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