Friday, January 11, 2008

A High Energy Day

I had a delightful class today with 15( highschool students and 3 adult students... That is more than I usually teach. The first part of the day was fiber identification, including appearence, burn testing, and accepting dyes. The second part of the class was dyeing! After doing a set of 7 fabrics to see how various fabric take dyes, I showed them a couple of ways to fold a long scarf to get cool patterns... it was a flash back to the 60's and 70's! I don't plan on moving the rest of the day, but it was great fun. The pic is where the class was held (though not in the aisles) and where I work, G Street Fabrics, in the DC area. Isn't it a heaven for us fabric lovers? This is just a bit of the home decorating side, theres so much more. Lots of very talented people around here, customers and staff both. Well, I now have more fabric than I can use, and I am pretty prolific in my use of it. It'll be my retirement!

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