Saturday, January 5, 2008

Studio work

I finally have gotten my studio organized enough to know where things are... but then I had to search for fabric (you would think I have enough, but believe it or not, I haven't any white wool or white linen) and had to get to the bottom of my boxes, so I had to pile things up on the cutting table. Then I had to unpile it all. Sigh. I need a better storage system. But I did take some pics of the altered book I made my sister. Hope she likes it! Kris, if you read this, don't look!

She is a wonderful musician, having taken up music in her 50's, and playing the piano is her creative journey. Her husband bought her a baby grand, then built on a room so everything fit! Lucky Kris. Well, lucky Don too!

Guess I had better finish up the cleanup so I can have fun messing it all up again, this time, to play with paint and fabric and paper. That will be more fun!

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~*~ Patty said...

Hi, fun chatting with you today! I am really enjoying your blog! There is alot to it, I will savor it bits at a time.
Your sister is very lucky to receive such a special and beautiful gift!