Friday, February 1, 2008

How nice it was to have lunch with Patty! Thank you friend for a pleasant interlude. Another piece to put up today...

This is a fabric postcard. I started with a Timtex foundation, and ironed tissue lame on top. It doesn't show true color, but the shadow to the right is glimmery Angelina Fibers, and the couple is a phototransfer using Lazertran on polymer clay. The color is actually ink on a b/w design, Lazertran is a fabulous art tool, there is a kind for most uses, on a very thin waterslide decal to be made in toner copiers, a type for inkjet printers, a type to be used on fine weave fabrics and polymer clay, and one for fabric transfers by ironing, so many uses!

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~*~Patty said...

Nice spread Kim. You used a lot of techniques in this one!
Lunch was fun, glad we could get together.