Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Ice Cometh

The weather here has been weird. Seems whereever I go, the weather guessers say it is the hardest place to predict. Hah! My headaches and old joints have a much better record of precip prediction. 5oo years ago, I would have been burned as a witch! (But then, I actually look out the window, and think about what the weather has done in similar circumstances. How strange.) So when they actually get it right, everybody is astounded, especially VDOT (roads guys). So after missing continually, last week they were right, and the roads were awful, no salt, no sand. Then this week they said another big ice storm, and the salt trucks were out in force, and (you guessed it) no storm. Tonight, supposed to be a huge storm, and I say only a moderate one, but then ice is bad in any amount. In the morning, we'll see.

So the birds have been needing the sunflower seeds we put out for them. The squirrels love their peanuts, and chatter at me through the door if I am slow in getting their breakfasts ready. They are so fat! Big as small cats! Note that this one lacks his left ear... must have had an argument with another squirrel, or fox or cat or whartever. He doesn't miss a meal though. Tough little guy.

The book is one I made for my weaving info. I find keeping records sure makes a difference if I want to repeat the project, or make a similar one. So I record the type, weave, fiber, measurments and how it went. If I can, I attach a small piece of the project. The book is single needle coptic bound, hardcovered with paper. My favorite kind! Tomorrow, I start on a new book, one for a friend who did a very very kind deed for me. It will be a two needle coptic with wooden covers with some form of metal decoration. I am still sketching ideas, but I can start the book while I do that. What did I do with all my time and money before I discovered art? Nothing this fun!

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