Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Ice Storm Cometh

They have been forcasting the ice for 2 days, so why did it catch VDOT unprepared? Sigh, well, it did make for some pretty scenery. Click on the gargoyle to see the ice better. The squirrels don't seem bothered, but the birds are frantically feeding. I put out extra food this am. The purse is a class I am teaching at G Street Fabrics on Saturday. It is a fun technique I cobbled together from several books and classes I have taken. The base is silk, with bits and bobs collaged on top of it, then covered over with tulle and stitched to secure. I then stamped, hand embroidered it, bound it, folded it and used a magnetic closure. It makes a great little evening bag.


Chia said...

Hi Kim, thanks for the comment on my blog and the link back here to your blog! You are sharing some really beautiful things here.

reinaswan said...

The purse is very eclectic I really like it. And the colors are beautiful.