Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have mailed off the charms for one of the Yahoo groups I belong to... In This House. The charms had images of birds and/or either hands, moons or nests. I used watercolor paper (2 layers)for the base. I then covered them with batik fabric and fussycut various birds etc, some of paper, some fabric. I covered them with sparkley glaze, added a crystal, punched holes for and added the hanger, dipped in embossing plastic on the edges, and Voila! This one was extra, so I added beads and a long soutache braid for a necklace. Too fun!
I have been in a very "nesty" sort of mood this spring, and these charms are an homage to that feeling. I have looked through the new Studios issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, it is a real inspiration. Slowly but surely I am working my way through the chaos in my studio, I may never have a space worth publishing, but eventually it will be much more functional and more conducive to creativity. A little better every week.


Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my garden Kim - your comments are so appreciated. See we both have squirrels - I won't tell the names I give mine! Yesterday one bit the bloom off an iris I had planted just an hour earlier - you can imagine the name I gave him!!!!

Lovely creations - love this charm - and don't worry about your studio chaos, we all have that going on!

Enjoy your week.

~*~Patty said...

What a lovely creation Kim, Love the owl and your edges look super! I tell myself that as long as 'good stuff' keeps coming out of my studio; the mess doesn't matter. Of course no one can see the mess, because it's pretty bad, just the nature of the beast. Kudos to you for trying to clean up, I keep getting distracted! Well, that's my excuse for now and I'm sticking to it :) :)

akatrix said...

Hi Kim!
You've been tagged! Check out the latest post on my blog: artrix-playtime.blogspot.com