Monday, July 21, 2008

Not so hot metal

Okay, my dh says this is architypical not-hot-enough soldering. It seems that I just can't keep the iron clean enough. I keep wiping on a wet sponge, I melt solder on it and wipe, I guess I just have to wait until I can get out to get the sal ammoniac, and hope that works. I am sure I won't get it before I leave for vacation, so I will just put the soldering to bed until after I come back from my trip to the Middles Ages. The way we think they should have been. Propane showers, clean toilets, no dysentary or burnings at the stake.

Ah, Pennsic. I am really looking forward to going, I have gone every year since 1992, and look forward to lots more. I look forward to taking classes (we had over 1000 offered last year in every subject having anything at all to do with the middle ages) and seeing old friends. I may take dancing there, maybe even bellydancing! I did that about 6 years ago, loved it then hurt my back and haven't danced since. I am sure I will take English circle dancing, it is too fun. I plan to spend alot of time just sitting around and chatting and spinning and knitting, and some time with embroidery and, if I get organised, bookbinding.

The weather last year was miserable, it rained (hard) everyday I was there except the day I came and the day I left. It was actually cold at night, hence the beetle that thought my ear canal looked like a nice dry warm place to be. I will bring alot of cotton balls, and sleep with them in my ears. In 17 years that was the first time, but I can guarantee it will be my last!

The weather in past years has ranged from idyllic to miserable, no surprises there. One year it was so hot that some of the battles had to be cancelled... there would have been roasted brains under those metal helms. One year I had to beg an additional blanket, and I take several. One year a tropical storm blew in, and once it was so dry the well was bringing up dirty water, even through 4 inline filters. But on the whole, it has been terrific. In 170 days over 17 years, there is bound to be every possible weather condition, except maybe snow. Yes, even tornados, but not on site. We watched the funnels forming over our heads, and some have hit around us, but not touched down on site. One rainy year a bunch of people got plywood (common on site) and surfed the mud! When a really bad storm hits, everyone who can puts on soup and helps those who have lost their tents or whatever.

Have I mentioned there are 12,000 to 14,000 (yes thousand, not hundred) each year? There are several sites with pictures, google "pennsic pictures" and you'll get a zillion. In its Own Light is my fav, but I can't seen to make a link work today, so you'll have to go there youself. Ah well, another 8 days before I can leave.


Mary S Hunt said...

This sounds like a GREAT place to vacate to...I love all this stuff.
i wouldn't want to have lived then..a little of their values wouldn't hurt us none today though.
Where is this you are going??

I hope the weather is to your liking

~*~Patty said...

Your microscope slide actually looks good to me, with a bit of patina and vintage look to it. Have you tried using NovaCan to darken the solder a bit....just a thought.
I would Love to get together with you and hear all about your Pennsic adventures after your return too perhaps! It must be such a wonderful environment, I find it really intriguing!!! Have a Lovely time away!!!

Jo Anne O. said...

So tell me,Kim, where is this held? I am in PA and would love to attend as an observer...very interesting!