Thursday, October 9, 2008

Color color color!

Oh I do like color! This is a bag from the new book out, Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Art, authored by 4 women from my yahoo group New Techniques in Mixed Media. The little beady things are scissors fobs, I made a bunch and brought them into work ( G Street Fabrics) so we can all sport blingy scissors. Fun!

My studio currently has no power, so this weekend will be a spinning and weaving weekend I think, The electrician will be out next week. Ugh. Oh, getting pics of the bag was tough... both cats were fascinated!


Pixie said...

Another great project! Looks great!

Linda East said...

Kim...your satchel is beautivul...and so are your cat colors are wonderfl...I love the whole thing, what a great project. LE

Lori Z. said...

What an amazing bag, Kim! Just looked up this book on Amazon and it looks like a must-have! Thanks for the recommendation.

Lori Z