Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Share the Chance

Oh boy, Kris Hubick is having a fantastic giveaway on her blog. Lots of goodies, lots and lots! Visit her here, and see for yourself!
Aren't my little guys cute? They look so innocent... don't believe it! Last night between 1030 (when I went to bed) and 0200 (when I think I finally got to sleep) they ran around, sounding like a whole herd of rhinos, and leaping onto the windowseat, then onto the bed (and me) around the room, down the stairs, around the kitchen and living room, and back upstairs. Aack! Today at work will be a long one!


Jo Anne O. said...

How funny! We have just become the new family to 2 kitties just like yours...same color and litter mates AND males! They are also terrors, with one more than the other. Now that I think about it, they take turns being the terrors! LOL

Come over and visit and see my latest post to see them!

Kim said...

Your cats are soooo pretty, I don't believe they could possibly be naughty. I think it was someone else's cats altogether ;)

Love the spinning and carding pictures too.

Kim x

Sue said...

I know the feeling! Just what gets into their tiny minds? They seem to do it just for the hell of it. Weirdness if you ask me... then next morning wonder why you can't even look at them... DUH. lol.
I've got 4 of them but jucky for me one is an old lady, doesn't stop my teenage cat with attitude trying to egg her on though.
Ahhh the joys of motherhood.
Sue (Poppie) in the UK