Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend art

Well, I did alot more than this, but I will have to redo the photos. Today is just not a good day for photos. This is a book I bound as part of a thank you to someone who works with me. She and I were talking about the ethiopian coffee ceremony, and the next day she brought in green and roasted coffee plus all the scents that are used to complete the vigniette. It was fascinating, so much more than just a cuppa! I spent today in my studio, smelling wonderful incense. And unfortunately discovering that the bottom of the ceramic burner gets very hot indeed! It was resting on a piece of acrylic, which now has ugly bubbles in a circle. Ugh. Anyway, I also made ATCs (photos tomorrow) and painted cloth.
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Ruth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have decided I am out of the sheep washing business! Too much work. Lovely book you've made.

Sharon House said...

Hi Kim...

Just wanted you to know that your blog has been added to "My Art Sandbox Playmates" on my blog.