Saturday, December 13, 2008

Altered Book In Progress

Some time ago I saw purse made by someone that had fabric added to a picture to pop it out in 3D. I really liked it, but wanted to put my own twist on it. I have added both paint and colored pencils as well as fabric to these. It is just a start, but I like it. I will add some more to them, and do more as well. I am doing a book for a friend of mine that loved the mermaid book I made for a friend last fall. The book has a middle east and African slant, (she is Ethiopian and loves dancing) but she loves preRaphaelite art, so some of those will be added too. I have also added pearls and gold, and have a wonderful pic to add goldleaf to around her halo. I am having alot of fun! You know, that is what art should!
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Talking Horses Arts said...

Hello there, found your site cruising along on the net. Love it! Thanks sooo much for the way we seem both to have the same background on our
Take care,

papercracker said...

Love the combination of art and fabric. Very clever idea. Thanks for visiting my blog even though things have been quiet lately... Hoping to change that soon. Also thanks for the blog award!
Debbie of Senses Engaged