Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hamish and Katie

Hamish and his little sister Katie appeared out of a thrift store sweater I got at least 2 years ago.... the recent publication of Somerset Studios "Stuffed" really kicked me into high gear on making soft toys. I think they are pretty cute! I have a few more sweaters and some woolen fabric I have fulled in the washer... I am thinking of birds and maybe rabbits too. The felt I used is wool too, I like it better than the acrylic. I stuffed them with polyfil, but I picked up a new filling that is in really small bits, so the stuffies should stuff mor evenly... but then I like them to be a bit off anyway! What do you think?


Cpl Josh said...

I like these, Mom. They look like drunk cats, different sized eyes and all.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think they're gorgeous, whatever it is they're on! Too much catnip perhaps? What a pair of sweeties.

Zeborah Loray said...

Love them!

I think I need an argyle cat. LOL