Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo Transfer on Metal

I have been playing with photo transfers and this is one of my favorites types... Lazertrans! This is the regular Lazertrans, a waterslide decal. After floating it off the paper, I laid it on an old metal door from, I think, an autoclave and then baked it on in my regular oven. It takes a few hours, you have to bring it up to temp slowly. I love that it shows things through the transfer, it changes the colours and really shows the age.
So today I will be cleaning my studio, in hopes that I can actually use it again! Whenever I do anything, I have so much stuff that I have to shove things around, and inevitabley things get shoved onto the floor or onto the shelves where they don't belong. The pile on my cutting table is up to my neck.... aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh!


Larry said...

It sounds like your studio is like my studio. It looks perfectly neat when there are no projects in progress, but, in order to actually do something, something else has to be moved ... over there ... and then that goes ... over there ... and pretty soon it's total chaos and you're tripping over a table loom or drying rack, or .... I'm afraid there's no hope.

mary schweitzer said...

OMG I LOVE this! What is Lazertrans? Where does it come from? This is soooo cool!!