Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Cup of Tea and a Sit-down...

That's just what I need! There is construction going on right outside the shop, they start early, before we open, and knock off by 330pm most days. They run motors, generators and big construction vehicles the whole word it is noisy. I didn't really realize how much it bothered me until the noise stopped. My neck and shoulders must have been tensed, because I had to un-hunch everything. So I had a cuppa and a sitdown. Whew.
The scarf is a really cool crossstitch-like pattern. Usually I can just cruise along on autoknit, but this is like lace. If I mess up, I have to rip all the way back, because I haven't figured out how to repair a problem, or even rip back a little and recover. I had to rip out at row 4. And row 7. And row 14. And one where I was so far along I didn't count. Sigh. But it really looks cool, so I am forging along pretty well for the present. Crossing my fingers. And toes! The warmer colored photo is closer to the true color. Well, here's to another row!


mary schweitzer said...

This is going to be beautiful! I love the colors.

Kim said...

That's yummy wool, Kim. I have some sock yarn very similar. Now if I could just get on and knit the socks!!!

Kim x

Kathleen said...

I love the scarf! Wonderful cool weather colors. Pattern?

A few months ago, they were tearing down building adjacent to my apartment building and the jack hammers went from 7 am to 6 pm. SOOO difficult to deal with it. The dog and I were cranky, tired and stressed. The noise made me grit my teeth all day. It's amazing what noise can do to the body.

Strawberry Lane said...

What beautiful knitting and a gorgeous pattern! Maybe I'll get out that old spinning wheel from the attic and give it a whirl again.

Thanks for the inspiration.