Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Purse's beginning and a totally busted cat!

Not to mention a really yummy steak dinner! As to busted and cats, Trouble loves to chew on dead, dried up plants... but always looks so innocent when he is caught. This time, I caught him with his face buried in the lavender!

I am looking for a good lining for the purse... you would think in a huge fabric stash like mine, there would be the perfect fabric... and there probably is. I just have to find it! The m

essy shelves are symptomatic of the problem...


Kim said...

I love the purse, it's gorgeous, and funny little cat :)

Kim x

ps. your stash is amazing :)

Kim said...

Hi Kim, I do have some new pictures of Merlin, and must get them posted soon. They are on a memory stick and I'm not always great with this kind of thing. I like my technology to behave so that I know where I stand! I do love my laptop, but it's just soooo glitchy!!! Good luck with yours.

I'll get Merlin's pictures sorted soon. He's being an absolute love at the moment :)

Kim x