Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekends Are Wonderful...

Don't you think? I look forward to it all week, but never get all the things done that I want to do. I am learning that it is okay to sometimes do something just for fun, and sometimes nothing at all. I watched tv and knitted for a significan part of my weekend. I also am making a purse for a blogging friend... I like the design, and am just trying to avoid my wrist locking up on me. If I vary what I do, not doing hour after hour of the same thing, I can usually avoid more than just normal tiredness. I do tend to knit for longer than I should, but oh well. Can't be disciplined all the time! I knitted a little cozy for my coffee cup, and sewed two more. I am knitting on a scarf using a new stitch, looks like a cross stitch. I will take pics when there is more to see than a few rows. I also made some knitting stitch markers, with little beads... hope they work. I sat outside for a while, it was a warm day, not too sunny in the afternoon, but still pleasant. We opened all the windows and kept them open until our neighbour started smoking cigars outside under our bedroom. Ugh.

The kitties were in 7th heaven outside. The squirrels sat outside the yard and chuffed at us! I sat and spun up a couple nice ounces of shetland moorit fleece. I usually spin pretty fine, but want to spin a more woolen and thicker yarn when I do my icelandic fleece, so thought I would see how it went... boy it is harder to spin thicker and fluffier now than thinner and semiworsted. I had to chant slow slow feet, fast fast hands! I will let it sit tomorrow and reel it off and ply it Monday.


Val said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I can relate to your paragraph about going from one kind of spinning to the other. I had never thought to use the words "slow slow feet, fast fast hands", I'll try it next time. Thanks.
Oh, and I love the knitting with the cross-stitch-like pattern. It looks woven. Lovely!

hippopip said...

Thanks for visiting Kim have been admiring your knitting and spinning as I cannot do either I was most impressed,and I love the cat you made for your sister such a brilliant expression