Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, I hoped to have the files returned by now, but not so. I came home last Friday, and found my dh on the steps, looking despondent. Turns out our desktop was dead. Two hours on the phone to India was no help. Well, okay, a little help. They said it is a systems problem,and we needed to scrub the harddrive. Sigh. So we took it in to Geek Squad, and just got back the files and drive back. Tonight I will reload programs and files. Hopefully I will have photos tomorrow! In the meantime, we needed a computer, and so I bought... hold on now those of you who know me, I bought a LAPTOP! Okay, deep breath, thats better! Me, a laptop! So I am trying to learn how to load it up and use it. This one is so cool, I could learn to like this type, but mine will do just fine! It is a Dell Studio XPS13, very powerful, and just the right size. I love it!

I was hoping to get my fleeces washed today, but only got to do one of the three. I washed the icelandic hogget, a nice white (or really cream) fleece about 4-6" in length. It was really dirty, so took longer. No tags, just really dirty. I sure hope it doesn't felt, I tried to keep the water temp constant and just gently squeezed the water through it, but icelandics felt so easily. I am not satisfied that it is really clean, I will probably wash it after spinning too. That leaves the alpaca and east friesian yet to be washed. Tomorrow!


Kim said...

Hi Kim, I really sympathise with computer problems, but I love, really love, my laptop. I even charge it up and take it to the school run, so that I can sit in the car and work.

The icelandic fleece sounds lovely, is it soft? My local fleece is coarse and doesn't wet felt well, but is perfect for needle felting.

I loved your comment on my blog about Merlin, and yes, he does seem to love me. Especially when we play football! I must take some film of it, because no one believes me. He does hog the ball though!!!

Kim x

Kayla coo said...

Hi Kim,
How lovely that you spin, I learnt to at school a long time ago!
Will you dye your fleece?

Val said...

What an great group shot of the sheep. They are all lovely.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Your mixed media quilted projects are unbelievable. And you find time to spin and read too! LOL ;)
I read a Paula Simmons spinning book where she talks about spinning and reading at the same time!?!