Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Little fun

The big news for this weekend is that I got a new printer... an Epson Artison 800. Zowie, it is fabulous! I printed a test photo, it was like looking at HDTV!
I also did some spinning, a little natural brown cotton from Sally Fox. I am going to use it in a top, along with some classic denim cotton I am spinning too. I am spinning it a little thicker than I usually like to spin, it is good to get outside my comfort zone. I am still trying to figure out whether I want to ply the 2 colours together in a marl yarn, or ply back onto themselves and use them separately in a colour pattern. In fact I am not sure whether I want to weave or knit. I think I want to weave it, so I would maybe use a nice 8/2 or 10/2 cotton in the warp. I have alot of yarn to use up!
The kitties are pins I made from some Laurel Burch fabric and wool felt. I am making several more, to go with lots of outfits! Several ladies where I work want one too... I do think they are cute. The funny little jagged things are bits of zippers... I love to use them as frames and other lines on mixed media as well as my sewing garments... they look great outlining a collar or pocket!


Kathleen said...

Beautiful spinning! Your yarn awaits you! Come by my blog for the details.

mary schweitzer said...

These are wonderful! I am a cat lover so they struck a chord with me.

Art4Sol said...

Oh so cute!