Sunday, May 3, 2009


It is that time of year again... the Maryland Sheep and Wool to Pennsic, my favorite weekend! I can't resist the sheep critters, they are just too appealing. I would love to have a farm, but know it is pretty far out of the realm of the possible, both financially and physically. This way I can stay in the fantasy world of loving the idea and not having all the very earthy (no pun) parts. So here are the first batch of pics, I think the first one is cotswold, the second coopworth, the spotty lambs are jacobs, and I can't remember the last... maybe Corriedale?

The weather was pretty good Saturday, a little rainy at first, but it warmed right up and was cloudy and threatening in the afternoon, but stayed dry. Sunday was positively wet, rained most of the day, but with a wool shawl and wool socks, I stayed warm even though wet. I did most of my buying on Saturday, mostly wool, both roving and fleece. I bought another Icelandic fleece, this one a 5 1/4 lb oatmeal color from a ewe named Empress. She's from the same farm as the ewe's fleece I bought last December, Flossey. I found out poor Flossey got a cough and died this January, she wasn't yet 3 yrs old. I have washed her fleece and am in the process of carding it to spin... but I decided to let Frankenmuth Mills turn Empress' fleece into roving. I am currently spinning a lovely East Friesen's chocolate fleece in the grease... what a pleasure to spin. I am also spinning some khaki cotton (from Sally Fox) to ply with the denim blue cotton I spun last month. I am determined to spin a little everyday, or knit. I have spent too much time looking at other people's art and not enough time making my own. A little art everyday...a little fiber, a little life!

And so to bed, and so to bed...

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Kim said...

What beautiful sheep pictures :) It must be lovely working with wool when you know the name of it's previous owner! Sorry for Flossie though.

It's good to do a little art every day. I'm still finding that the rest of life gets in the way, but I must be more disciplined.

Kim x

ps, I love the Amber Madonna :)

Thenutmeg2000 said...

You had wonderful photos of MS&W! I am glad to know some others like us are in the world too who enjoy our fiber madness! I think you do wonderful art as well. Very imaginative!!