Saturday, May 9, 2009

Suddenly, more samples needed

I love to teach, really I do. So even when the notice is short, I am up for it! So when my General Manager asked me last week to do Fashion Sewing Club on Saturday, I said sure... what is it to be about? Oh, my favorite! Embellishment! But I thought I could use a couple new samples for my trunk show, so I did a little machine applique on a silk shirt I found at a local thrift shop, and a little hand applique on a linen shirt. Truthfully, I am still stitching on the linen shirt, and have a little more to do on the silk as well, just tidying up a bit. What a great excuse to spend a day in my studio! So the roses are on the silk, and the bunnies and cat on the linen. Well, my cat is on the silk, looking cute, always looking for a little attention, and a scritch.
Then I spent this afternoon outside mainly, putting in tomatoes, peppers, mints, and tasty herbs as well as a couple anti-moth herbs. A great day all around!

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Art4Sol said...

They look beautiful...what a clever gal you are!