Saturday, June 27, 2009

A good day

I am almost done with the Colors of Emotion swap pieces now, this is the front of them, and all I have to do is the back, signature and whatever, and get them mailed off. Whew! I enjoy doing these swaps, but the ideas percolate for a while and then the actual creation is a whirl of getting it all down on paper... or fabric, as the case may be. In this case I chose to use the color blue to evoke a feeling of exhilaration, and certainly horses, butterflies, flowers and the skies all make my spirit soar!

The other pic is the best of my day thrifting, though I haven't shown all my goodies. The larger tumbled stones are hematite, one of my favs. The others are gold beads with what looks like garnet and maybe lapis. I still need to do a few small samples for my next class but by next week, I should be able to take need weekend off! Eehah! On to spinning, and embroidery! I don't teach again until the 11th, and then again the 17th and 18th, and then it is Pennsic! Wahoo! Thats even better than Eehah!

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