Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tidbits and garb...

Not too much going on right now, creatively speaking. I did finish up a little coptic bound book I made in prep for Christmas, and I picked up 1/2 yard each of two too cute fabrics... don't you think they are cute? I have been preparing for and giving the first two classes in my surface design series. I have had 7 students in each, really a good number. They were all in both classes and I hope will stay with me for the other two as well. I am glad this time that work was slow, so I could sit down... No time off my feet during my "weekend" makes for a tired me! I haven't any pics yet but I am working on a wool/silk gown modelled on a french piece about AD1000, though my own persona in the SCA is a bit earlier. The design was around for several hundred years with very little change. I am sewing it all by hand, and boy does it ravel! I need to put in the sleeves and stitch up the sides, all the gores are in already. I am excited because this morning when I went to work I walked by the silk special table and hey presto! there was a lovely bit of silk in a shade lighter of the same color as the tunic. It will become my cotte beneathe the gown or surcotte. I really am looking forward to covering the seams to clean it up. I will take my camera to work tomorrow and get a few pics. I also finished reworking my red cotte to fit better. I will make the next one with the new technique and won't need to gusset the gusset! I get to wear that one this weekend to Challenge of the Sun God... yippee!


~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi, This is my first visit to your site and I am amazed at the festival below and all the work put into the time spent there. Is this a Renesance Fair of sorts? I've not heard of it.
Looking forward to your wool and silk garb post.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

karen said...

Hi Kim. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. Re your post on 9/11, we should NEVER forget. I went up there with my children, as a tourist, shortly before it happened. Now it makes my blood run cold.