Saturday, December 19, 2009

Several more inches!

The snow is considerably deeper now, and thanks to the help of 2 young neighbours and my dh's hard work, we have a well tended path to the car. Unfortunately, tomorrow we will have to dig out behind the car. Church has been cancelled, so dh won't have to preach and so can dig. Brave and good soul! The store I work in was open today, though a snow emergency is in effect and the governor has asked everyone who can to stay off the roads. Tomorrow we will surely be open too, and I will schlep in as usual. I figure on an hour for the 15.5 miles.
I got more of the creche up too, so enjoy the pics of the travelling kings and holy family and the cold but hardworking shepherds, and the diligent women who keep the homefront comfortable!

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Sharon said...

I've had to miss two of the four Sundays of Advent so am thrilled that the storm we expect isn't due until tomorrow night. I get to go to church! Then, let is snow, let it snow, let it snow.