Saturday, January 30, 2010

My son is home from Okinawa!!!!! Best thing that has happened in two years! Welcome home Josh!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Finished Object!

This week I have taken time off my obssessive Lord of the Rings project, to make a gift for a friend. She is a sweet woman who has done alot for me, for many who work here. She is Orthodox Christian and has beautiful icons in her home, so I decided to embroider one for her. It was quite the project! I searched websites for a suitable image, downloaded and printed onto Transfer Artist Paper from Lesley Riley. If you haven't discovered this yet, it is a fabulous tool, quite the best and easiest method of phototransfer I have ever come across. You can find it here. I ironed it onto a smooth cotton sateen and choose my thread colors. Unfortunately at this point I managed to get a virus that put me down hard for 2 days. I did live through it (not a sure thing, you know!) and stitched my little fingers off, until at last I sewed on the 6 pearl and diamond buttons, and declared it DONE! My DH went out the next day and got a lovely shadowbox to house it, and it now awaits Mary's approval, she will see it on Saturday. I hope it cheers her , I think she will like it.