Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Fury

They are running out of names for the storms! (This one is pretty lame.) I think I liked Snowpocolypse best. I am running out of energy to fight the snow. I am also running out of room for piling said snow. The piles are not just higher than my head, but higher than my 6'3"+ husband! The pile on the table on the deck is prodigeous, and I am not moving it, it will have to melt! It already lost some from the "warmth" we had on Monday and Tuesday, as shown by the icikles above the table. Those may have to be brought down, they are giant and sharp. Shudder. The cats finally ventured out to the deck when we had a sufficient amount of shovelling done. They needed to get their dead herb munchies and look for birdies. We were worried about the weight of the snow, it was really quite heavy, and there was quite alot of it, so we shovelled. And shovelled. It was also well compacted. Trench Meister was much better at getting the compacted stuff into handle-able chunks. I am afraid I am just a wimp. Sigh.

Well, well, nothing to do but go downstairs and knit! And drink cocoa and tea. And eat gummibaren! I believe I will watch Born of Hope tonight!


Kathy said...

Watch those icicles, Kim! You know what happened to Ralphie in "A Christmas Story"!
My cats would take one look at that snow and come right back inside. Brave souls.
Keep warm and safe!


Keep warm, that is A LOT of snow to deal with. I was shocked at the first picture.

Kim said...

It did take the kitties a while to venture out, but dried dead hears are so tempting! If we get any more snow, we will have to pile it up on top of these piles.... which are already too high... it is a chore to toss it up that high, I can tell you. But there are worse places than this, esp in the mountains!