Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Powerhouse

At least that is what the weather channel is calling it. I am calling it one heck of a storm. I will take pics in the morning sun (such as it is or will be) for the final tally but this was quite early in the day, and it snowed til about 2000, or 8pm for you non sailor types. I spent the day quite happily stitching inbetween shoveling and salting and warming the men and finding my son and the shovel and restocking the birdfeeder and peanutbuttering and seeding a pinecone ane and, well, you get the idea. It was pretty at night tho, don't you think?
I grew up around plenty of snow. Germany, Chicago, Nebraska, (the latter has nothing between the north pole and it other than a line of stunted linden bushes in South Dakota). The difference is that those places all had the equiptment and funds and plans in place to handle even a 30" snow without it doing much more than slowing things down. Except that little snow in Lincoln where we had about 28 inches overnight. But we were back in business the following day. Here in Northern VA, we spent our small snow allotment already, haven't enough trucks etc anyway and they don't build the streets and neighborhoods condusive to plowing. One trying to do our road (trying is the operative word) drove in, dropped the bucket and backed out. Better than nothin' but not all that effective. We will all be out tomorrow again to keep at it. Problem is it is a long 1/8th mile to the first road they can actually plow... but they haven't yet, according to my Marine son. His car was on the other side of the truck who tried to get out and managed to get stuck in the road, crosswise. Sigh. I am on the wrong side. My car looks like a Japanese van... the tall ones! It's all snow. Is it really worth it to get out tomorrow?

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