Sunday, April 4, 2010

Two New Things

I have been working hard these days, trying to get things done for the shows, for the business. Trying to decide on the way to procede, the order to do things in. I think the Etsy store will be a bit separate from the LLC, though part of it, and I am excited about the possibility of local stores too.

I have completed two new things for the store, one a slow piece, a primitive hanging that will be one of my mainstays I think, and the other a stuffed piece I made in honor of a barn owl family I have been watching for about 10 days now. On Friday night, the male (McGee) brought in a live field mouse (my twitter name!) and while transfering it to Molly dropped it. It hit the bottom of the brood box and was out over the side in a flash. Well, Molly looked pretty non-plussed, I can tell you! It was out the door and don't come back til you have something BIG! The bunny McGee returned with sometime later was minus the head! No escaping bunny there! So, maybe more in honor of the fast thinking and ever resourceful rodent, Now You See Him Now You Don't, Poppi Paramiscus, here's the stuffie!.

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Sharon said...

I love them both - very creative and inventive! Good luck with your business decisions~