Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Trip to my Seeeester

I got to visit my sis this weekend, and it was so nice. I only get to do that about once or twice a year, so I value each time alot. I was going to get a nook after I got back (my wonderful hubby's anniversary gift to me, given early) but Kris suggested I get it early so I could work out the details BEFORE I go to Pennsic, and I am so glad I did.... there is a definate learning curve. Good idea, Kris!
Kris and Don have 3 siberian huskies, and they are very cute. We all had a great time talking and shopping and just being together. The weather was very hot, and the trip home was rough.... the photo of the cars show an accident around Lexington Va that had us all sitting in the heat a long time. Worth it though. Kris, I love you!


Yarrow said...

Lovely pictures, and the dogs are gorgeous. I'm surprised you didn't come home with one, but then the kitties would have been deeply offended!!! Shame about the trip home though, eek!

Take care and please show pictures of the nook, as I have no idea what it is :)

Yogiknitgirl said...

So glad that you got to see your sister, I know she means a lot to you. I loved seeing the dogs you always told me about! I got a kindle, my sis has the nook and she loves hers and I love mine!!! Take care..Williamsburg lunch or dinner soon okay?