Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, the store I work in has the occasional mouse issue, and we have cardboard traps. One of them caught a mouse and killed it and yesterday we disposed of it in a box, under packing material, sealed the box with tape, and put in on the trash to be taken outside. Before the trash was taken out though, a manager came along to do transfers and needed a box. Yup. She found the one in the trash, opened it, took out the packing material, put it on the counter, repacked the box, replaced the packing material....sans mouse.... without noticing she was leaving the mouse behind. I know, I know. Resealed the package and left it to be transferred! Along comes another manager, can't figure out how the mouse got there, disposes of it (after questioning me) and then I saw the box to be transferred. No, surely not, she would have noticed, wouldn't she? So we all went home, wondering. This morning, I asked the transferring manager if she had noticed the cardboard tube thing with the mouse in it when she got the box out of the trash.... well, her eyes got really big when she realized what had happened, and we all laughed ourselves silly. The rest of the day, whenever I passed her, I made a little squeaking noise! Good thing she has a sense of humor!

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