Sunday, April 17, 2011

So much for the Blossoms!

The wind began blowing Friday morning, and then the rain began. By Saturday morning, there were only half the blossoms left on the trees, the other half lay in the streets and yards, sadly crumpled and creased.

I know just how they felt.... someone in a minivan came around a corner in a shopping center parking lot, and wasn't even looking... I was crossing the street, an arm full of packages, and darn near got creamed. I tossed my bags and dove forward, rolled and landed about 3 feet from the wheel.... had I not done so, she would surely have hit me. AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN STOP TO SEE IF I WAS OKAY! Too much of a hurry I guess, or too important. Other people came to help though, so that was nice. I felt aweful the rest of the day... too much adrenaline, too fast. Today, I am popping Motrin like it was breathmints. I did just what I was supposed to do, as soon as my hands hit the ground, I collapsed my wrists and one arm to roll onto my shoulder.... but you know, at 56, I just don't bounce the way I used to do! At least riding horses taught me how to fall without doing irreparable damage to myself. I think. I believe I will go downstairs and try a little machine embroidery tonight... I sure don't feel like anything using my own hands!

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